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[UPDATED] MyEG: Test for COVID-19 for RM99, get results in 30 minutes

[ UPDATE 24/3/2020 21:15 ] MDA has clarified that MyEG is not given permission to advertise, distribute or sell COVID-19 testing kits. More details here.

[ UPDATE 20/3/2020 19:00 ] MOH has retracted its Facebook post which alleged that MyEG’s testing kit as fake news. More details here.

[ UPDATE 18/3/2020 16:00 ] The Ministry of Health says the RM99 rapid testing kit is fake, however, MyEG insists that it isn’t.


MyEG Services Berhad has introduced a rapid COVID-19 testing solution which promises to offer testing convenience and comfort over existing methods. What’s impressive is that it claims to produce results on-site within 30 minutes. This will be offered in both Malaysia and the Philippines.

The kit is priced at RM99 each and it is sold in packs of 10 at RM990. According to MyEG, the kit is developed by leading diagnostics company and approved by health authorities in China where it is presently widely used. They added that the COVID-19 kit enables qualitative detection of the virus through blood samples including those obtained from finger-pricking.

The samples are then applied to the test strips and it is claimed to detect COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibodies which are produced within 3-7 days of infection. MyEG says that the kits can accurately and rapidly detect the presence of COVID-19 virus without the need of nose or throat swaps, and there’s no requirement for the samples to be sent to external diagnostic laboratories.

MyEG says they are currently awaiting approval from local authorities for the use of the kits and will start accepting pre-orders through for Malaysia and in the Philippines.

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For organisations that want to provide COVID-19 tests for their staff, MyEG is collaborating with approved medical facilities to offer on-site testing conducted by trained professionals at the organisation’s premises.

At RM99 per kit, it is quite affordable. As a comparison, the COVID-19 screening at home service costs RM700 and results may take up to 24 hours. At the moment, MyEG has begun accepting pre-orders and they require a 50% deposit upfront.

The remaining 50% balance must be paid before delivery and the delivery is said to take approximately 14 days. The portal accepts both credit card and online banking payments. Before you proceed, do note that MyEG’s COVID-19 testing solution is still waiting for approval.

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