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Dyson’s latest product has flight mode and it costs over RM2,000

After seven years of development and over GBP 25 million (about RM136 million) spent on research and development, Dyson released its third hair product, the Dyson Corrale. James Dyson, the founder and chief engineer, explains that ever since the development of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, they have been trying to understand the nuances and intricacies of hair.

“Since we first started developing the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, we have continued to explore the science of style, seeking to understand what makes hair smooth, shiny and glossy and what makes it dull, damaged and lifeless.”

The Dyson Corrale is the first of its kind with a flexing plate technology. It has the capacity to keep all the hair in one place compared to other hair straighteners where the hair will stray causing the user to straighten a particular section of hair a few times. According to Dyson, this unique feature allows you to create the same style but with less heat and half the damage.

Dyson claims that flat plate hair straighteners are unable to disperse heat in a uniform manner. Apparently, traditional hair straightener will only provide heat to the thickest part of the hair, which means that users will have to repeat the process many times to achieve the desired look.

The metal plate used by Dyson is a complex manganese copper alloy plate with an amalgamation of six metals, which is exactly what provides the flexibility to hold the hair in place. Each plate is precision machined to 65 microns and it has a tourmaline coating to reduce static.

The Corrale also comes with three heat settings, 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F) and 210°C (410°F). The heat settings depend entirely on the user’s hair and the type of heat it needs.

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While other hair straighteners in the market also offer temperature control, Dyson claims that real-time temperatures delivered from the traditional plates can fluctuate significantly as the elements within the straightener respond to the power source. Similar to its other hair products like the Supersonic hairdryer and Airwrap styler, the Corrale has an intelligent heat control technology which measures temperatures 100 times a second to ensure consistent and accurate heat levels.

With a four cell Lithium-ion battery, the Corrale can provide up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling and it can be charged fully in 70 minutes. When needed it can be attached to the 360° charging cable for lengthier sessions and you can also charge it by placing it on the ergonomic charging dock.

The whole cord-less element seems redundant because 30 minutes is far too little time to get anything substantial done. However, for individuals with short hair, this should be ample time and for those with long and thick hair, it might just be better to use it with a cord. That said, the 30 minutes for cordless usage could be just enough time for a quick touch up at literally any time and anywhere.

You can take this straightener on a plane as it comes with a flight mode feature, which is a small removable tag with a flight icon on the side of the device. When pulled it disconnects the battery which makes it compliant with air travel standards, thus allowing you to pack it in your cabin luggage.

According to Dyson Malaysia’s website, the product will be available soon in two colours. You can get it in purple with black accents or black nickel and fuchsia, which is metallic grey with hot pink accents. The Dyson Corrale is officially priced in Malaysia at RM2,199. The straightener also comes with the charging dock, a magnetic 360° charging cable and a heat resistant pouch.

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