8 extra benefits you get when you redeem your RM30 eTunai Rakyat incentive with Boost

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The eTunai Rakyat programme is in full swing, having started on the 15th of January 2020. Announced during Budget 2020, the campaign is a digital stimulus that provides RM30 to be deposited into one of three selected eWallets, with the aim of encouraging the adoption of digital payment options. But given that Malaysians can only choose one eWallet to redeem their RM30 incentive, how do you choose the right eWallet for your eTunai Rakyat?

Here are 8 reasons why Boost could be the right choice for you.

1. Claim RM30, “Shake” for up to RM8,888

The campaign begins on the 15th of January up till the 14th of March 2020, and customers who claim their RM30 with Boost are eligible to use the app’s Shake rewards feature to stand a chance to win RM8,888—an auspicious number, as per the festivities of the season. 

To redeem your RM30 with Boost, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Boost app
  • Register for a Boost account
  • Click e-Tunai Rakyat on Boost app homepage
  • Go through the claim process which includes verification of identity. 
  • Receive RM30 e-Tunai rakyat & receive shake up to RM8,888

But if you aren’t eligible for the eTunai Rakyat payout, no worries. All Boost users are also eligible to get Shake rewards—on one condition. You’ll need to have gone through the process to claim your incentive, and you can’t submit your claim with another eWallet. 

2. Get Shell fuel vouchers worth RM50 

If you pump petrol at Shell petrol stations, you’ll enjoy this. During the campaign period, customers who have successfully claimed their eTunai Rakyat incentive with Boost from the 3rd of February onwards will stand to receive 2 surprise Shakes containing 2 Shell fuel vouchers worth RM50 each. 

Winners will be selected at random every week. The surprise Shake will be added into the “My Shake Rewards” tab within your Boost app.

3. Save up to RM2,000 by using Boost

Available to users who have claimed the RM30 incentive with Boost, these “Delicious RM1 deals” can be purchased in an RM8 bundle: 

  • Nescafe Can at myNews
  • Kitkat at myNews, 
  • MILO® Protein Up at myNEWS 
  • MAGGI® Hot Cup at myNEWS 
  • 1-PC Dunkin Donuts Regular donut of any flavors excl. Premium Donut 
  • Single Junior Scoop at Baskin Robbins, 
  • 80 grams of Famous Amos cookies, 
  • Any drink with equivalent value of RM7 at Tealive
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Meanwhile, successful applicants with Boost can also unlock more savings with “Dazzling Deals” for a small fee of RM18. These savings add up to RM170, with cash vouchers from Red Box, Hari Hari, Pixajoy, Caring Store, and Bookurve. Additionally, these users will also be entitled to a series of vouchers to help to maximise their savings, as well. To find out more, click here.

Using Boost to pay at selected offline and online stores will also land you more savings.with over 125,000 partners throughout Malaysia.

You can also earn cashbacks and rewards with a variety of purchases made with Boost. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Reload RM30 on Xpax on Boost app and enjoy 2GB of data and stand a chance to win 1 year of free reloads 
  • Pay your Celcom bill on the Boost App and stand a chance to win 100% cashback on your Celcom bills for one year. Pay for any bill and stand a chance to win 100% cashback on your bills for one year 
  • Enjoy 50% cashback on all movie tickets when you book your movie tickets via the Boost app. Selected cinemas are GSC, MBO, and MMCineplexes
  • Pay your unifi mobile bills and stand a chance to win 100% cashback up to RM88
  • Subscribe or upgrade your plans at Celcom Online Store or Celcom Bluecube and pay with Boost. Stand a chance to win 100% cashback on your Celcom bills for one year 
  • Purchase XP Lite™ with L Pass on Celcom Online Shop and checkout with Boost. You will enjoy RM30 rebate in your 1st month’s bill. 

4. Earn from friend referrals

The idea behind the eTunai Rakyat campaign is provide a stimulus to encourage the use of eWallets in Malaysia—and Boost is also offering rewards for users who refer the eTunai Rakyat Boost incentive to other users. For every referral who claims the RM30 with Boost, users will receive RM3, while the 5th successful referral claim will receive an additional RM3.

5. BoostUp to get the most out of your RM30 eTunai Rakyat

Users who are looking to get the best out of their RM30 can also enjoy Boost Up—this is basically a collection of redeemable rewards users will receive from usage of the eTunai Rakyat incentive, as well as general spending. Get Boost coins for every Ringgit spent, while every transaction will also entitle users to boost coins that will be presented in additional Shake rewards. This means more coins, cashbacks, prizes (which include an iPhone 11 and Dyson hairdryer), and even “Golden Tickets’ to experiences and holidays.

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Here’s how the tiers work: 

  • Level 1: earn 1 boost coin for every rm 3 spent.
  • Level 2: earn 1 boost coin for every RM 2 spent
  • Level 3: earn 1 boost coin for every RM 1 spent
  • Level 4: earn 2 Boost coins for every RM 1 spent (an RM 10 spend will be rewarded with 20 coins!)

Some of the rewards that you can redeem via Boost include the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, mobile credit top-ups, a Xiaomi fitness tracker, and a Google Home speaker.

6. Use Boost, get a discount on UltraBoost shoes from Adidas

If you’re looking for a pair of new running shoes, the Adidas Ultraboost series is certainly well-regarded. You can get 30% off when you pay with Boost for selected Ultraboost 19 and Ultraboost OG models—there are two ways to do this.

Firstly, users can head over to select Adidas outlets to get the discount upon checkout using Boost, or users can also go to the “Best Deals Ever” tab within the Boost app to redeem the voucher for free. The discount is available at the following stores: 

  • adidas Sport Performance Suria KLCC
  • adidas Sport Performance Pavilion
  • adidas Sport Performance The Gardens
  • adidas Sport Performance Mid Valley
  • adidas Sport Performance IOI City Mall
  • adidas Sport Performance Sunway Velocity
  • adidas Sport Performance 1 Utama
  • adidas Sport Performance Mid Valley
  • adidas Brand Center Sunway Pyramid

7.COVID-19: Free life insurance with COVID-19 coverage by Prudential

The outbreak of COVID-19 has certainly been a cause of concern for many, and certain precautionary measures have already been taken by Malaysians—facemasks, hand sanitiser, and general hygiene practices. Boost, for their part, wants their users to feel safe and secured.

In collaboration with Prudential, you can now get free life insurance with special COVID-19 coverage when you enrol via the Boost app. 

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You’ll get special coverage of up to RM5,000 upon diagnosis of COVID-19 (T&Cs apply) when you enroll with Boost, along with an additional RM1,000 in cases of death. There are a few conditions for eligibility: you must be a Malaysian between 18–55 years old, and you must go through the eKYC verification process. 

To sign up, you’ll need to: 

  1. Open the Boost app
  2. Tap on “COVID-19 Covarage”
  3. Enrol for free

Do note that this is only available to Boost Verified Premium Wallet users aged 18–55 years old, and is limited to the first 200,000 enrolments. 

In general, it’s also worth remembering that the health authorities in Malaysia have handled the situation well thus far, with the World Health Organisation also commending Malaysia for its preparedness in handling such outbreaks. 

8. Get cashback while using your Citi credit card and Boost

When you add money into your Boost eWallet with a Citi credit card, you get additional cashback with Boost. You’ll need to add a minimum of RM100 every consecutive month to earn up to RM80 worth of cashback at the end of 5 months.This means that on top of the BoostUp rewards that you get when spending with Boost, you’ll also get an additional cashback without any additional spending.

So what if you don’t have a Citi credit card? You can apply for one now, and you’ll get a RM500 Boost redemption code from Citi, as well as a 3 year annual fee waiver. And that’s on top of existing rewards. To be eligible, you’ll need to apply by the 15th of March, so you’ll need to hurry!

Essentially, Boost gives you a wide variety of ways to spend, and maximise, your eTunai Rakyat RM30 incentive before the 14 March 2020 deadline. We’re talking deals, Ang Pows, referral rewards, and even Shake rewards of up to RM8,888. Regardless of whether it’s using Boost to take part in challenges, or even to shop at selected stores, there’s probably a decent reward in there for you.

All of that, in addition to the RM30 you’re already getting. 

To find out more about Boost and the eTunai Rakyat campaign, click here.