Samsung Galaxy A71 and A51: Superb displays at mid-range prices

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Samsung recently launched the latest phones in their mid-ranged A-series, the Galaxy A51 and A71. And, while the mid-range smartphones continue Samsung’s current trajectory of good value for your money, these phones have a killer feature that you won’t find on many phones in this price point: A gorgeous Super AMOLED display.

Both the Galaxy A71 and A51 feature Super AMOLED edge-to-edge Infinity-O Full HD+ displays. Essentially, the Infinity-O display gives users more of an uninterrupted view on of whatever is playing onscreen by minimising the size the bezels around the display. Laser cutting technology is also used to create an exact cut-out in middle the screen, which means that the front-facing cameras of the A71 and A51 are discreetly placed to allow for the best viewing experience.

Essentially, the idea here is to have more screen real estate, with less “interruption”. Which certainly makes a lot of sense—mobile devices are used to consume content of all sorts nowadays. That includes videos on apps like YouTube, Netflix, while most of us also rely on our mobile devices to browse the web, or even for work. And a crisp, beautiful screen is a crucial factor in all of that.

The Galaxy A51 has 6.5″ screen, while the A71 has a 6.7″ screen—displays that are large enough to provide an expansive and immersive experience.

Not forgetting, of course, the Super AMOLED displays that Samsung’s phones are known for. Essentially, Super AMOLED displays have a wide range of colours, which provide a richer viewing experience, while Super AMOLED displays also boast a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 so you get awesome deep blacks and colours that pop.

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Pricing-wise, the Galaxy A71 is priced at RM1,799, with the more affordable Galaxy A51 retailing at RM1,299—both in the market’s sweet spot. And their Super AMOLED Infinity-O displays are certainly some of the better choices of displays in the market today—especially if you take the prices into account.

If you’re interested to find out more about Samsung’s two mid-rangers, click here to view the Galaxy A51 and here to view the Galaxy A71.