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Huawei P40 will launch in next month

It’s finally official. Huawei’s brand new upcoming flagship smartphone will launch next month and it will part of the Huawei P40 series. Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed this at the company’s virtual launch event that ended not too long ago.

“Next month in Paris, March 26th, we will launch the world’s most powerful 5G flagship smartphone: Huawei P40 series,” said Yu before concluding the virtual launch.

A couple of interesting things to note here. Obviously, the date of the launch has been set for the 26th of March 2020, which is just about a month from today, and it looks like the company is also continuing its trend of launching their flagship P-series handsets in Paris.

On top of that, the CEO also claimed that it would be the world’s most powerful 5G flagship smartphone, which is a bold claim especially considering the beast of a 5G flagship smartphone Samsung just put out earlier this month. Of course, Richard Yu didn’t specify what he meant by “world’s most powerful”, so we don’t know if that’s the reference to the camera, the processor, or the 5G modem. For all we know, it could come with a great honkin’ V8 motor strapped to it.

OK, maybe not that. After all, we’ve already seen quite a few leaks of the Chinese smartphone maker’s highly anticipated flagship device.

Either way, we’re pretty darn stoked and can’t wait to see what the company has in store for us. Obviously, the Chinese smartphone maker is in abit of a tough spot right now considering the fact that the company is still cut off from Google’s apps and services. But, they have been diligently developing their Huawei App Gallery so we’ll see how things pan out by then.

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In any case, what are you most excited about for Huawei’s upcoming smartphone? Let me know in the comments below. For more on what Huawei launched at their virtual event today, check out the related section at the end of this article.