Huawei AirEngine WiFi 6 uses 5G tech to outperform other WiFi 6 routers

Huawei has unveiled its new AirEngine WiFi 6 series which uses a combination of 5G technologies and AI to provide what appears to be the best WiFi 6 experience. This includes a total of 10 new WiFi 6 access point models and its top of the line AirEngine 8760 AP claims to deliver the industry’s highest air-interface data rate of up to 10.75Gbps.

In case you’re wondering, these are enterprise-grade WiFi solutions for indoor and outdoor use for applications such as offices, campuses, shopping centres and public spaces. The new solution claims to provide enterprises lightning speeds of more than 10Gbps with zero packet loss, lower latency and 100Mbps network access everywhere.

To ensure uninterrupted bandwidth and experience for each terminal, Huawei AirEngine WiFi 6 utilises several 5G technologies to its WiFi network. This includes using 16x built-in dual-band Smart antennas with beamforming algorithms.

Huawei claims that they are the industry’s only AP that offers 16 spatial streams that offer fibre-like network experience for heavy data usages such as AR/VR and 4K video. Using a 5G-powered beamforming algorithm, a 20% wider coverage area can be achieved as it offers stronger and more focused signals compared to traditional antennas. Users can experience latency as low as 10ms with Dynamic Turbo technology that dynamically detect application types and implement HQoS by prioritising key applications such as AR/VR and voice.

Its SmartRadio Lossless Roaming feature promises to offer superior roaming experience when a user switches between WiFi access points. On AirEngine WiFi 6, Huawei claims to offer 10ms lossless roaming compared to the industry average of 40-50ms. This would benefit users that are conducting video or voice calls on the move. However, this seems to work only with devices on EMUI and Magic UI 10.1 or later that are offered with newer devices.

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You can check out the full WiFi 6 lineup here.


Alexander Wong