COVID-19: 82% of cases have recovered in Malaysia, no new cases for 7 days

Malaysia is continuing to show progress in its battle against the COVID-19 coronavirus. Malaysia’s Ministry of Health has reported that 18 out of 22 confirmed COVID-19 cases have fully recovered and discharged.

The 18th person to recover is a 40-year-old Malaysian that was discharged from Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar. She was confirmed to be a 13th case on the 5th of February and she is the sister to the 9th case that was discharged earlier.

It is also worth mentioning that there have been no new reported cases in Malaysia since 15th Feb. The latest confirmed case (Case 22) is an 83-year-old American lady who entered the country through KLIA. This leaves 4 remaining COVID-19 cases which are still receiving treatment in hospitals and are in stable condition. There are no deaths due to COVID-19 in Malaysia so far.

At the moment, there are 78,620 confirmed cases worldwide with a total of 2,459 reported deaths. While 98% of cases reported are in China, Japan and South Korea have recently reported a huge spike in cases at 433 and 122 confirmed cases respectively. Singapore currently has 85 confirmed cases with zero deaths so far.

As always, do practise good hygiene and this includes washing and disinfecting your hands often with soap. For the latest info, you can refer to the Ministry of Health on Twitter and Facebook.

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