The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip flexible display is scratchable and here’s why

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the Korean smartphone maker’s second foldable device that comes in a compact clam-shell form factor. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Z Flip uses Ultra-Thin-Glass which claims to be foldable glass. In theory, this should be more durable but it appears to have the same problem as the original Fold.

The new fashion-centric device has gone through JerryRigEverything’s torture test and it seems that the screen behaves like plastic than actual glass. However, the overall device seems to hold up pretty well but still, it is disappointing to see that the foldable screen can be damaged easily even with fingernails.

The folks at The Verge have reached out to Samsung on the matter, the Korean smartphone maker explained that Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) is a first-of-its-kind technology and it is different from other Galaxy flagship devices. What’s interesting is that the Galaxy Z Flip still gets an extra protective layer on top of the UTG similar to the Galaxy Fold. This is probably the same layer that’s shown in its official promo video.

It was mentioned that a screen replacement will cost USD 119 (about RM492). For those that have damaged their screens, Samsung says that there’s a one-time free application of the screen protector for the Galaxy Z Flip as part of its Premier Service. The protector will be applied by a specialist with proper equipment to align and apply it and the program will be rolling out soon.

From what we can tell, the device is indeed using glass but it has an added screen protector on top. Since it is tucked away underneath its frame, it doesn’t seem user-replaceable. Perhaps Samsung should have explained clearly that the Ultra-Thin-Glass does have a plastic layer on top to avoid confusion.

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