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Celcom is offering the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for RM3,108 on pre-order

The Galaxy S20 series has just been launched by Samsung at the Galaxy Unpacked Event, and pre-orders are now open ahead of the release date of the three new models (6 March 2020). However, if you pre-order the the Galaxy S20+ or the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, you’ll also receive a pair of Galaxy Buds+ for free while stocks last, and you’ll also receive your new phone from the 4th of March.

We’ve already covered Maxis‘ pre-order offerings, so what about Celcom? Let’s have a look.

Samsung Galaxy S20 128GB

Celcom has tied the Galaxy pre-orders to the new Celcom Mega plan, with two options for Celcom’s pre-order: EasyPhone Own that is basically an instalment plan, or Device Bundle—both of which still require a commitment period of 24 months. Do note that you’ll be required to make an advanced payment within the range of RM250–RM950 under any of the Device Bundle plans.

This means that to pre-order any of the Galaxy smartphones, you’ll need to sign up for a 24-month contract for Celcom Mega at RM80/month, which gives you 30GB of data, unlimited calls to all networks, and a rate of RM0.20 per SMS. Meanwhile, video calls will cost RM0.20 per minute.

EasyPhone Own

There are 3 “add-ons” that you’re required to choose from: Lightning M, L, and XL, with monthly device payments of RM151 for M, RM130 for Mega L, RM99 for Mega X, along with an additional 10GB, 30GB, and 70GB respectively. Note that you’ll still need to pay for the actual postpaid plan itself—ie, RM108 for the Lightning XL plan.

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Device Bundles

Meanwhile, under Device Bundles, you have the same three plans to choose from, with device fees starting from a total of RM1,848 (including the first month’s bill) for Lightning XL, while monthly commitments start from RM98 for the Celcom Lightning M plan. Do note that an advanced payment is required that will be rebated back into your first month’s bill: a figure between RM250–RM950.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 128GB

EasyPhone Own

As for the middle model, the Galaxy S20+, you have a similar variety. For the instalment-based plans, subscribers of the Lightning M pays device instalments of RM170/month, which gives you 40GB/month, along with unlimited calls to all networks. SMSes, however, will cost you RM0.20 per message sent.

Device Bundle

Under a standard phone contract, you have the same 3 plans to choose from. Under the Lightning XL plan, the price of the S20+ is RM2,548, while the cheapest device price here falls under the Lightning XL plan that has a monthly fee of RM188 for the plan. The advanced payment to be rebated in the first month is between RM250–RM950.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB

EasyPhone Own

Under EasyPhone Own, the lowest monthly device fee falls under Lightning XL, at RM167, with Lightning L has a monthly device fee for RM198, and Lightning M has a monthly device fee of RM218.

Device bundle

You can also pick up the S20 Ultra on standard contract. Under Lightning XL, you can pick the flagship model for RM1,848, with Lightning L and M having device prices of RM2,248 and RM2,548. You’ll also need to pay an upfront fee that will be rebated in the first bill in the range of RM300–RM1,000.

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Additionally, Celcom also has a promo code “150OFF” to get RM150 off, which will be rebated in your first month’s bill.

For more information on the pre-order plans on offer from Celcom, click here.

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