What if you could have it all—lots of Internet at a low price with the widest network?

This post is brought to you by Celcom Xpax.

Life is hard. We’ve got to deal with the stresses of work, awful traffic, poor public transport, climate change and people who use way too many AR filters on Instagram. The last thing you need is another headache on top of that. Something like choosing a mobile plan that’s right for your internet needs should be simple.

After all, is it too much to ask for a good amount of Internet quota plus good coverage for a reasonable price? However, what you’re usually stuck with is either a plan that offers unlimited Internet, but very limited coverage, or a plan that’s just way too expensive.

There is some good news, though. Celcom Xpax understands that life is hard enough, so they’ve simplified their prepaid internet passes so you can get the best of both worlds. Here’s how it works.

Celcom Xpax now features two awesome new Internet passes that are designed for the modern internet user. What’s more, these Internet passes work whether you want to splurge on a monthly pass, or take things week-by-week.

For just RM38/month, you can opt for Celcom Xpax’s new monthly internet pass. With this pass, you’re getting a whopping 48GB of internet each month! With up to 1600 hours of gaming with this Internet pass, you can be dropping killstreaks all day, every day. When you’re tired of being a Legend, you can chill with the latest flicks or loop your life’s soundtrack for up to 68 hours of video streaming or 320 hours of music playback!

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And, if you don’t want to pay for your internet every month, you can pick up their weekly internet pass instead. For RM12/week you can get a tantalising 18GB of internet which translates to roughly 600 hours of gaming, 25 hours of video streaming or 120 hours of music streaming.

Oh, and the best part is that you can have all of this awesome quota on the widest network in Malaysia! According to renowned mobile connectivity insights company Opensignal, Celcom has the best 4G availability, best video experience, and the best latency scores in the country.

Sometimes you just need to accept the fact that your current internet pass isn’t sufficient for your lifestyle, and that’s the most important first step. The second step, well that’s up to you, but a good place to start is to sign up with Celcom Xpax. That’s because when you sign up, not only will you get access to these awesome prepaid internet passes, you’ll also get 10GB of Facebook, Instagram and Games Walla every month for free!

Existing Celcom Xpax customers can also subscribe to these passes via the Celcom Life app, or dial *118#. Learn more about the Celcom Xpax internet passes here.