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[Updated] Is TM Unifi blocking access to Ubisoft games?

[ UPDATE 9/02/2020 10:00 ]: According to Unifi, users are able to access Ubisoft servers as of early evening on 8th February. They are getting confirmation from Ubisoft.


It appears that a significant number users are facing difficulty accessing Ubisoft servers on their Unifi connection. This affects their access to online games such as Rainbow Six Siege.

When a couple of users have reached out to Unifi on Twitter two days ago, the broadband provider initially explained that they will block games that are found to contain inappropriate content such as violence, gambling and scam.

Obviously, this has caused an uproar as other telcos are not blocking access to Ubisoft’s servers. Today, TM has issued an official statement on Twitter which clarifies that they do not block Ubisoft on Unifi.

From the looks of it, the broadband provider seems to imply that this is a technical issue and they are looking into solving the problem with Ubisoft. From our checks, Ubisoft isn’t actually blocked but the ping to their servers on Unifi is around 150-300ms which makes it unplayable.

The situation has also caught the attention of Malaysia’s Communication and Multimedia Minister, Gobind Singh. A few hours ago, he has tweeted that he is also looking into the issue. If TM didn’t block Ubisoft on their network, why did they tweet a few days ago that they will block games with unsuitable elements?

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Are you facing issues with Ubisoft on Unifi? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks @zurairi for the heads up!

Alexander Wong