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Oppo is releasing an Apple Watch clone and this is how it looks like

Oppo will be introducing its new smartwatch and it looks like a clone of the popular Apple Watch. Above is the first teaser image of the watch that was shared by Brian Shen, the Vice President at Oppo.

In his Weibo post, he said the new wearable has a flexible screen and it comes with a curved design. He added that this could be the best smartwatch of the year without elaborating further.

The resemblance to the Cupertino smartwatch is uncanny especially with its curved edge case and rubber strap. Instead of having a digital crown and a side button, the Oppo smartwatch opts for two long physical buttons and the bottom key has a thin green line. From the image, it doesn’t seem like the rubber strap is removable but perhaps Oppo might have a nifty release mechanism that maintains a sleek design.

The rest of the watch features are not revealed yet and we are guessing that it would come with a heart rate sensor and possibly with ECG. Since Oppo is pushing more on 5G and IoT in 2020, it will be interesting to see if this new smartwatch supports 5G.

We still don’t know when the Oppo smartwatch will launch and there’s a chance that it could make its debut at MWC 2020. However, it is worth pointing out that Oppo typically uses Mobile World Congress as a venue to showcase their new upcoming tech than to launch a new product.

Just recently, Oppo had introduced its Enco Free True Wireless earphones which are basically AirPods clones. The Oppo Enco Free is now on sale in Malaysia for RM499.

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