iPhone 11 Pro Max’s selfie camera scores lower than the Note 9 on DxOMark

Shortly following their iPhone 11 camera review, the folks over at DxOMark have dropped their review of the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s front-facing selfie camera and it doesn’t look great. It records a score of 91 points, which means it scores lower than pretty much all its main competition. Phones like the Galaxy S10+, Asus ZenFone 6, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 all score higher than Apple’s latest flagship. Perhaps most unfortunately for the Apple device is that it even scores lower than Samsung’s previous generation Galaxy Note 9.

According to DxOMark, one of the biggest issues that the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s selfie camera faces is noise. Apparently, the handset is noisy in both outdoor as well as low light conditions, which is something its competition is able to handle better. What’s more, DxOMark points out that the new iPhone also has warm white balance casts, and distorts faces towards the edges of the frame.

However, a score of 91 doesn’t mean the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a bad selfie shooter. DxOMark still thinks that it’s a solid performer. According to the site, its strengths come with the new upgraded 12MP hardware that comes with a wider 23mm equivalent lens. They also praise the smartphone’s pleasant and vivid colour, especially in the outdoors, alongside the phone’s ability to get accurate exposures with wide dynamic range.

On top of that, the site reports that the iPhone 11 Pro Max delivers excellent focus at “most distances” with its fixed-focus camera, and that’s thanks to the extended depth of field. This also makes the selfie camera better for group selfies and photos with backgrounds.

In the selfie video department, DxOMark notes that the wider lens and 4K video recording themselves already make the iPhone 11 Pro Max a “worthwhile upgrade over the [iPhone] XS Max”. That being said, in video, the handset still suffers from heavy noise and low detail indoors and in low-light.

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Now, I will note here that DxOMark themselves seemed to have messed up the numbers because in certain graphics on their website, they scored the iPhone 11 Pro Max at 92. But, based on the text in the body, as well as the final score, and the score on their leaderboard, I’m writing this post under the impression that 92 was a typo. Of course, should that change, this post will also be updated accordingly.

To read the full review, head on over to DxOMark.