Fujifilm X-T200: A proper vlogger’s camera, but still no X-Trans

Ah, we’re going after the vloggers again! This time, it’s Fujifilm’s turn and they’ve just launched an update to their previous vlogger-centric camera, and it’s called the Fujifilm X-T200.

So, what’s new? Well, quite a few things, actually, chief of which is the new 3.5″ fully-articulating LCD touchscreen. Instead of the 3-way flipping screen on the X-T100, you’re getting a lot more…well, articulation with this new display, and it’s also a smidge bigger. But, with this new bigger screen, you’re losing most of the buttons on the back of the camera, with just a Menu, Display and joystick left.

Fujifilm also updated the 24.2 megapixel sensor so it does 8fps burst, 4K/30fps and 1080/120fps video. it also comes with a new processor that processes information 3.5 times faster than its predecessor. Fujifilm also states that rolling shutter is reduced, and thanks to the new on-sensor phase detection pixels (plus improved AF algorithm), you’re getting much better autofocusing performance as well as support for Face/Eye Detection AF.

That being said, the sensor is still a CMOS sensor, and not Fujifilm’s signature X-Trans sensor that you’d find on their higher-end models.

Fujifilm also managed to shave 80g off the weight of the body, so it weighs just 370g. Oh, the company also included a new “Digital Gimbal” (basically EIS) that can be used to iron out shakes during video recording, and it does so with newly equipped gyro sensors.

On top of the new camera, Fujifilm also announced a new affordable 35mm lens, the Fujinon XC35mm F2. However, there’s no information on the pricing of this particular lens just yet.

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According to Fujifilm Malaysia, the Fujifilm X-T200 is priced at RM3,588, which sounds like a lot of money for a camera like this. Pre-orders for the cameras will run from now until the 16th of February 2020, and each pre-order will include one 32GB SD card, an extra NP-W126S battery, 1+1 year extended warranty, and one leather strap.

More details of the camera can be found here.