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MCO started on Mar 18, 2020


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You can now watch TikTok on iflix

TikTok has partnered with iflix and you can now enjoy user-generated short viral videos on a Video on Demand platform. The collaboration will also enable TikTok to reach audiences across 13 countries where iflix is available.

The short videos will be featured on iflix Slacks, which is a category dedicated to short-form content. There are currently 23 TikTok videos on the list which cover various categories such as travel, comedy, pets, creative split-screen videos, pranks and more. Each video in the series is slightly more than 1 minute long.

The TikTok content on the platform is viewable for free without a subscription from your web browser. Although this is a new platform for TikTok, you probably can get more video compilations on YouTube. If you want to watch more short videos, you can download the app that’s available on both iOS and Android.

Alexander Wong