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TM and Huawei to trial 5G network sharing with other telcos

TM and Huawei have announced a collaboration to kickstart interoperability tests on a 5G Standalone (SA) network. The interoperability tests will be conducted at TM’s 5G Demonstration Project Sites (5GDP) in Langkawi. It will include network features and functionalities that will enable network sharing among telecommunication service providers in the country.

According to TM, the success of the interoperability test represents a significant milestone towards accelerating commercial 5G deployment later this year. In addition, TM is also setting up the 5GDP network in Langkawi as an incubation centre for other telco players and businesses as well as local enterprises. This will allow external parties to utilise and test their respective 5G use cases in addition to the current 11 use cases that have been deployed on TM’s 5G network.

Commenting on the interoperability tests, TM Group CEO Dato’ Noor Kamarul said: “It is key to ensure a smooth multi-tenant commercial network rollout by performing series of interoperability tests among technology providers during this demo project.” He added that interoperability will play a significant role in driving new business opportunities for telcos as the industry is focusing on the next generation services which include autonomous driving, smart factory, smart farm and augmented reality/virtual reality which is made possible through accelerated 5G network deployment.

The interoperability trials aim to enhance cooperation among telcos, equipment and device manufacturers as well as vertical industry partners to create a unified 5G industry chain. At the moment, the interoperability assessment is said to be in one of the final stages in verifying the validity of 5G SA data transmission. According to TM, this is a sign that their SA system is ready for commercial launch.

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