Engrave your AirPods case with a poop emoji, just because you can

Users have had the option to add engraved text to the charging cases of their AirPods for awhile now, and Apple has just added updated engraving options.

Prior to this, you were limited to text, but Apple has added the option to engrave one of 31 different emojis, while a larger font has also been introduced for text-based engravings.

Here’s a complete list of emojis supported:

Unfortunately, not every emoji in the book is supported, but the list is still pretty comprehensive. You have all of your Zodiac animals, the fist bump, the peace sign, plus there’s the poop emoji that would be comically perfect for a gift to a friend.

At the same time, you won’t be able to engrave an emoji and text on the same charging case. And it appears that you can only choose one emoji to engrave, so there won’t be the option to have one of those coded emoji-based messages on your AirPods charging case.

They’ve also updated the font, if you choose to have a text-based engraving on your AirPods charging case—the font is now larger.

All in all, it isn’t exactly a huge upgrade in terms of what you can actually engrave onto your AirPods charging case. However, it’s a rather nice touch, and the type of move that Apple has become known for.

The new customisation options are available for all AirPods models in the online store, including the AirPods Pro. To find out more, click here.