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Next Samsung flagship likely to be called the Galaxy S20 and it’s going to be huge

Samsung is expected to reveal its latest flagship smartphone as early as next month ahead of Mobile World Congress 2020. Instead of the Galaxy S11, it appears that Samsung is jumping 10 numbers forward and it is going to be called the Galaxy S20.

Prolific leakster Ice Universe has dropped a tweet which implies that the Samsung Galaxy S20 name has been confirmed and we can expect at least three different models like the current S10 series. However, there will be a slight change of name since the sizes will be very different.

For the new series, Samsung is said to be dropping the “e” model and the base model will just be the Galaxy S20. This is followed by the Galaxy S20+ and for the biggest model, it is now speculated to be called the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The reason is likely due to its display upsizing.

It is speculated that the base model will come with a 6.2″ display while the S20+ will come with a 6.7″ screen, which is quite close to the current Galaxy Note 10+. For the “Ultra” model, the screen is said to be huge at 6.9″ which is almost the size of a compact tablet. Do note that the “Ultra” name is still unconfirmed and this is the first time Samsung is releasing a model that’s bigger than the “Plus” variant.

The rumoured S20+ and “S20 Ultra” size difference seem to match the earlier leaked photos of the purported screen protectors. The “Ultra” version (formerly referred to as S11+) is slightly bigger (0.2″) than the S20+ (formerly referred to as S11).

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Although the screen sizes seem huge, we believe that the new Samsung trio will likely retain a compact footprint thanks to its ultra-thin bezels like the Note 10 series. We expect Samsung to curve the edges at a more sharper angle which makes it more usable in a single hand. For example, the Galaxy Note 10+ has a larger 6.8″ display but the device is merely 0.8mm wider than the Galaxy Note 9 that has a smaller 6.4″ screen.

The new Galaxy S20 series is rumoured to launch on 18th February 2020 and since Malaysia is a key market, you can expect pre-orders to be available locally by the end of the month.

What should they call the biggest model? Galaxy S20 Ultra or Galaxy S20 Max? Let us know in the comments below.

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