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Vivo may soon introduce a quad-selfie-camera smartphone

Punch-hole displays are often seen as a practical solution to solve the selfie camera conundrum. It sacrifices less display real estate and there are no complicated pop-up selfie cameras to deal with. When it comes to punch-hole cameras, so far the most we’ve seen is two units like the Galaxy S10+ and the Honor View 30.

Now it appears that Vivo is toying around with the idea of having a quad-selfie-camera smartphone and they have filed a number of patents for it in China.

Based on the filing, Vivo is looking at three different implementations. The first option is to have a punch-hole in each corner of the display which looks pretty silly. The next option is to have a wide dual-camera punch-hole on either top corners and this approach seems to be the opposite of having a notch since your notification icons and time are now squeezed into the middle. The last option is to have two individual punch-holes for both top left and right corners.

At the moment, Vivo is going bonkers with its rear quad-camera design. Just take a look at their Vivo S1 Pro, V17 and V17 Pro. If Vivo wants to add more cameras just for the sake of it, it is not surprising for them to release a quad-camera setup for selfies very soon.

The question is, do you really need quad-camera for selfies? They probably would have a main selfie camera and an ultra-wide-angle shooter, but we don’t know why would they need the additional two cameras for. It doesn’t make sense for them to put a telephoto or a macro camera for the front. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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