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Maxis offers the latest iPad models with LTE from RM93/month

Apart from the latest Apple Watch 5 and Apple TV 4K box, Maxis is also offering the latest range of iPad models on its Zerolution instalment program. This includes the iPad Pro, iPad Air, 7th gen iPad and the iPad Mini. The devices come with WiFi + Cellular support.

At the moment, Maxis is offering the tablets with their Postpaid 28 Tablet and Postpaid 18 Tablet data-only supplementary plans. This means you must get it together with an eligible MaxisOne Postpaid plan.

The lower Postpaid 18 Tablet plan costs RM18/month and it has 5GB of data. The higher Postpaid 28 Tablet option costs RM28/month and it offers 10GB of data plus the option to use more data from your MaxisOne postpaid data pool. This means if you need more than 10GB, you can always use your available data from your main postpaid line.

The iPad models are offered on its zerolution program which allows you to pay for the device across 24 months with zero upfront. Do note that Maxis is only offering one storage capacity for each model. The monthly instalment amount is the same for both plans and below is how much it will cost you per month:

7.9″ iPad Mini 64GB – RM93/month
10.2″ iPad 128GB – RM99/month
10.5″ iPad Air 64GB – RM114/month
11″ iPad Pro 256GB – RM199/month
12.9″ iPad Pro 256GB – RM235/month

As a reference, the iPad Mini 64GB LTE costs RM2,249 while the 10.2″ iPad 128GB LTE is going for RM2,399. Meanwhile, the 10.5″ iPad Air 64GB LTE is officially priced at RM2,749. The top of the line iPad Pro 256GB with LTE is going for RM4,799 for the 11″ version and RM5,649 for the 12.9″ size. If you do the math, you don’t really save much but it is an option for you to enjoy 0% interest easy payment through your Maxis bill.

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According to the FAQ, only the tablet and the tablet plan will be subjected to the Zeroution contract and your principal line will not be contracted. The tablet plans are data only and you can’t make calls or send SMS with it.

For more info, you can visit Maxis’ iPad page.

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