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He quit his day job to make messenger bags. This is the story of Greenroom136

It’s not every day that someone gives up the security of their day job to pursue their dreams. Not because it’s something people shouldn’t do, per se. More because it’s really hard to give up what you know to venture into the unknown. You have no way of knowing for sure if you’re making a huge mistake until you make it.

But life is hardly worth living without a little risk, at least that’s what I believe. That’s why when someone like Patrick Lim drops everything to do what many of us may not even think to do, it’s something we should celebrate. It’s something momentous. And it’s something I think deserves to be shared with everyone.

This is Patrick’s story. This is the story of how someone who wasn’t satisfied with his messenger bag, took that passion and turned it into a company. This is the story of Greenroom136.

Greenroom136 specialises in making urban carry gear from single strap messengers to full on backpacks as well as small accessories—anything to carry your hopes and dreams with. All their bags are handmade in Malaysia in a small office lot in Kajang, and they use high quality materials.

The outer shell of Greenroom136 bags are made from Cordura (a fabric that’s designed to replace canvas), so the bags are durable, very water resistant, and come in a wide array of colours. On top of that, Greenroom136 bags have a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects so these bags are designed to last as long as you need it to.

Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of Greenroom136 is how customisable you can have your bags. This is possible through the W?ldcard Custom option that will give you full control of the design and look of your Greenroom136 backpack for no extra cost. Of course, if you opt for different fabrics, or physical upgrades, you will be charged accordingly, but the nice thing is how much control you’re given to how your bag will turn out.

We at SoyaCincau proudly use ours pretty much every single day. I personally love the peace of mind my Greenroom136 New Genesis offers. I often carry expensive equipment, so I like knowing that no matter how I carry my backpack, it won’t suddenly tear or come apart. Plus, with Cordura, I even have a good level of water resistance which has come in handy whenever I get caught in the rain when out on a shoot.

So yes, while this isn’t a super tech-y piece of content, these are products we use every day. And they’re all handmade in Malaysia—something that’s getting increasingly rare these days.

I’ve always wanted to use our platform to give deserving Malaysians doing cool things their time in the spotlight, because I feel almost duty-bound as a Malaysian, so I’m really glad I got to push this out. I hope you enjoyed it.

On top of that, if you have any ideas on who you think we should feature in our next mini-doc, let me know in the comments below!

You can check out Greenroom136 at their website.