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Linksys’ gamer-focused tri-band mesh router is now available in Malaysia

Linksys has announced the MR8300 Max-Stream Tri-Band Gaming Mesh WiFI AC2200 router in Malaysia that is designed to deliver up to 2.2Gbps of speed. According to Linksys, this makes it it ideal for homes that require “massive” bandwidth connections for 4K streaming or mobile gaming needs.

The router is also powered by a 715MHz quad-core processor, which Linksys says will improve the overall performance of networks to ensure faster speeds—wired, wireless, and WAN to LAN.

Judging from comments made by Echo Leong, Business Development Manager of Linksys Malaysia, it appears that the MR8300 is looking to take advance of Malaysia’s burgeoning mobile gaming market:

“With the increase of leisure mobile gamers in
Malaysia, consumers can now experience seamless WiFi roaming across homes while gaming in
real time, without the trouble of switching network names. Besides that, MR8300 Tri-Band Gaming
Mesh Router, which equips with two 5GHz radios allows you to do video streaming, while delivering
a lower ping time despite having multiple users connected on the same WiFi network.”

The tri-band router comes with two 5Ghz radios, which effectively allows you to have game on an independent 5Ghz band separately, which should mean less interference from other devices on the network.

Meanwhile, the “mesh” nature of the router comes into play via compatibility with Linksys’ Velop Wi-Fi system. You can add Velop nodes to create a mesh network that should work together to create a wider coverage of your home.

This, as opposed to other solutions such as Wi-Fi range extenders, allow for a seamless network—with just one network name and password, one admin login, and one interface for managing and monitoring.

The MR8300 comes with 4 external fixed antennas, along with WiFi AC2200 867Gbps (2 – 5GHz) + 400Mbps (2.4GHz) with MU-MIMO support. The 5GHz radio supports speeds of up to 867Mbps, while the 2.4GHz radio supports up to 400Mbps.

There are also 5 Gigabit ethernet ports on the router: 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports.

The MR8300 Max-Stream Tri-Band Gaming Mesh WiFi AC2200 Router is now available at a recommended retail price of RM799 at authorised retailers. We’ve also reviewed the Velop Mesh Wi-Fi system prior to this, so it’d be worth a look (see related reading below) to understand how Linksys’ mesh systems work before you opt for the MR8300. To find out more, click here.

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