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You can buy a Tesla Model 3 in Malaysia for RM523k—interested?

The Tesla Model 3 is supposedly the “smaller, simpler and a more affordable” option in Tesla’s lineup of electric cars, with the starting price for the sedan starting at around US$35,000—around RM146k. It still brings a lot to the table, however, with a 0–100km/h time of 3.2 seconds, while maintaining over 500km of driving on a single charge.

Teslas aren’t officially available in Malaysia, but the “most affordable” offering from the company is now available to buy through grey importers online. Listings on Mudah and have the Tesla Model 3 up for sale at a pretty eye-watering price of RM523,000.

What’s a little strange is that some of the listings are for the performance variant of the Model 3, while others are for the standard variant, and they’re all up for sale at the exact same price. There also doesn’t appear to be a warranty for any of the listings, and the cars are recond units—grey imported vehicles that aren’t officially covered by a licensed distributor here.

Still, if you have over half a million to burn, and you’ve always dreamed of owning a Tesla, it might be worth a look. Do note that these aren’t official listings, and we haven’t spoken to or verified the reliability of these resellers, so please proceed at your own risk.

But how amazing would it be to go flying down the NKVE in a Tesla for the upcoming holiday season? Imagine the look on faces as you stop at rest stops for Teh Tarik.

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