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Ever wanted to write like Donald Trump? Now you can.

Donald Trump is in the midst of an impeachment inquiry for allegedly using his position in the White House to pressure the president of Ukraine into investigating political rivals for the 2020 presidential election. But let’s put that aside for a bit, because the POTUS has given us another dazzling display of comedic value during a press conference held outside the White House on Wednesday.

Photographers managed to get a shot of Trump referring to his handwritten notes—and of course, they are written in his huge, immediately recognisable writing. Not forgetting, of course, that the President misspelt his Ukrainian counterpart’s name.

This isn’t the first time that Trump’s comically huge handwriting has made the front pages. A genuinely laughable example was his handwritten note where he mentions the Islamist militant organisation: “Alcaida”. Perhaps these are phonetic cues, rather than actual words (it’s Al-Qaeda), but he’s made these spelling errors before.

And some folks have actually gone through the trouble of creating an actual font that mimics Trump’s handwriting—and it looks pretty darn accurate. 3 years ago, Buzzfeed News created “Tiny Hand”: a font that, typically, types in capital letters exclusively.

It’s free to download, and you’ll have to head over to the original post to download it (click here). After it’s been downloaded, unzip the file, and install the .otf file. We’ve tested out the font with Microsoft Word:

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