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Don’t wanna spend on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars edition?

Samsung recently announced a special, Star Wars edition of the Galaxy Note 10+ for select markets, although we aren’t sure if the awesome-looking variant will make its way across to Malaysian shores. Part of the special edition is a red S Pen, red accents on the body of the phone, along with First Order and Star Wars logos printed on the back of the device.

It will reportedly go for around RM5,404 in December 2019, but if you’re not keen to pay the more premium price (likely more if you’re buying a grey import set), we’ve found a way to still still deck out your Note 10+ in Star Wars colours. has posted a high-resolution The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Mask wallpaper that appears to be identical to Samsung’s Star Wars edition.

Do note that we aren’t sure if this is a leaked version of the wallpaper, or if someone did a very good job at replicating the graphic—nonetheless, it still looks pretty cool. The wallpaper is 1440 × 3040, which fits perfectly with the resolution of the Note 10+’s Quad HD+ screen.

Preview—refer below for full resolution image download links.

You can download the wallpaper on Google Drive or Google Photos.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars edition will be available in select markets starting in December of 2019, with U.S. pricing stated as US$1,299 (about RM5,404). Sales will begin on 13 December on Amazon, selected Best Buy outlets, Microsoft Stores, and Samsung Experience stores.

There doesn’t seem to be concrete news regarding the internal configurations of the device just yet, but it could be a 512GB storage variant—the rest of the specs should tally with a standard Note 10+. If it doesn’t come to Malaysia, you can always check with reputable dealers to see if any of the Star Wars-themed smartphones are being imported to Malaysia.

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In the meantime, the wallpaper should be a decent enough stop-gap.

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