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Are Malaysians ready for Gojek?

Transport Minister Anthony Loke recently announced that motorcycle e-hailing services like Gojek will be allowed to run their services in Malaysia for a 6-month trial period in 2020. Of course, this has led to a mixed reception from several parties, with motorcycle ride-hailing services expected to provide stiff competition for standard ride-hailing services in Malaysia.

So what’s next? NST reports that Gojek’s head of transport, Raditya Wibowo, isn’t expecting an “easy ride”. The company is making preparations to enter the Malaysian market in 2020, although Malaysians may not be used to the idea of using motorcycles as taxis.

“Riding a Gojek for the first time can be a scary experience, so we need a solution that can be received well by the customers and riders in Malaysia.”

Of course, parties such as MyCar have put forward concerns over the cultural suitability of such ride-hailing services in Malaysia—female pillion riders riding with male riders, for example. There are also concerns over the safety of motorcycles in general, with the Big Blue Taxi Services company also protesting the decision to allow motorcycle ride-hailing in Malaysia (on trial).

That all erupted rather spectacularly, with Big Blue Taxi Services founder Datuk Shamsubahrin Ismail angering motorcycle ride-hailing riders in Indonesia over comments perceived as derogatory.

Gojek hanya untuk orang miskin, seperti di Jakarta.”

Meanwhile, there have been complaints that the government’s decision to allow services like Gojek in the Malaysian market directly affects local-bred companies like MyCar. However, it’s worth noting that Malaysian companies like Dego Ride are also providers of motorcycle ride-hailing, and other Malaysian companies are free to offer the same service.

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But motorcycle ride-hailing could possibly fill a niche in the Malaysian public transport system. Short rides between terminals (LRT, MRT, KTM stations) and home are usually pricey for ride-hailing services from companies like Grab, and motorcycle ride-hailing could be an affordable compromise.

Do you plan on using motorcycle ride-hailing in Malaysia? Do let us know in the comments section below.