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So, Foodpanda appears to have ignored the rubbish littered in Gombak

Recently, a sizeable amount of rubbish—including a large amount of Foodpanda delivery bags—was found illegally littered across the forest floor in Gombak, with a Facebook post from a university dean, Andy Hickson, going viral over the last few days or so. Foodpanda issued a response, saying that they would be launching an investigation into the matter, and would also be contacting Hickson to further discuss the matter.

However, there’s been a new development. Hickson recently posted a series of pictures and videos on Facebook again, saying that nothing has been done to clear the rubbish. Instead, he has been cleaning up the rubbish himself, along with a a group of volunteers.

No one is taking responsibility. The dump site is still there. Food Panda bags are still there. The authorities were in…

Posted by Andy Hickson on Jumaat, 15 November 2019

Hickson explains in a post that Foodpanda didn’t make any promises to remove the photos, although they assured him that an investigation would be undertaken. That was on November the 6th, which is almost 2 weeks ago at the time of writing.

On Sunday, Hickson took it upon himself to deliver the goods directly to the Foodpanda’s headquarters in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur—bringing 6 dirty, shabby-looking Foodpanda delivery bags filled with rubbish directly to the lobby of the 39-storey office tower.

Wow that was tough. Persistence paid off in the end. #FOODPANDA took delivery of the 6 bags I brought to them specially…

Posted by Andy Hickson on Ahad, 17 November 2019

After some expectedly quizzical stares from onlookers, Hickson carried 6 of the bags directly to Foodpanda’s office on the 37th floor after a 2-hour wait.

“Foodpanda staff apologised to me for the 2-hour wait and for their bags in the illegal dump site. They said (again) that they would take some action. I will make repeated visits to the site on question to see if any rubbish has been cleared. I will continue to clear up rubbish how I can. I will continue to take responsibility and I hope that others will too.”

Meanwhile, Hickson told Malaysiakini that he believes that Foodpanda isn’t directly involved with the dumping of the bags. Instead, someone has taken “the easy route” and dumped the bags on the area that lies along Jalan Gombak Lama-Bentong. And Hickson believes that it will take a collective effort from everyone, not just authorities, to clean up the site—and to ensure the issue is curbed.

“Let’s all take some action to make our environment a healthier place to live in.”

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