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Vivo makes its first 6G move by filing a logo trademark

While most countries have yet to roll out 5G, Vivo is taking its own initiative by filing a trademark for a 6G logo. The filing is extremely early especially when 6G is only expected to be available sometime in 2030.

The trademark for the 6G logo has been filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) under Vivo Mobile Communication Co. Ltd. As shown below, the logo has a bold 6G text with three invisible lines slicing through. The application is currently in its opposition proceeding phase with no objections recorded so far.

As a comparison, below is the 5G Logo by 3GPP.

Realistically, 6G is about 10 years away and research on it is still ongoing. The first 6G networks are expected to be largely based on 5G infrastructure, similar to the current 5G networks which are dependent on 4G. The next-generation connectivity is expected to deliver Terabit (Tbps) speeds with the ability to connect trillions of connected objects at microsecond latency.

Vivo is aiming to be one of the first smartphone makers to release a 6G smartphone when the technology is available. Before the 5G spectrum is determined by the MCMC, Vivo is the first smartphone brand in Malaysia to introduce a 5G smartphone locally with the Vivo Nex 3 5G.