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What was your most played song on Apple Music in 2019?

Many of us that use Spotify for our daily listening needs have heard of Spotify Wrapped, a service that compiles a list of your most frequently played songs of the year—that’s only available during a limited period each year, however. Apple has just announced something similar for Apple Music, with Apple Music Replay being introduced.

Essentially, the new feature will compile the tracks you played in 2019, and will also include other information on your listening habits throughout the year. This includes the albums that you listened to and your favourite artists, while the service also compiles your favourite tracks of the year into a playlist for nostalgic session.

While it sounds very similar to Spotify’s Wrapped, there’s a key difference. While Spotify’s feature is seen very much as a year-end review of your songs—as per its name—Apple Music Replay is more of a year-round experience. The playlist will continue to be updated as you go along, with playlists and data insights being updated every week on Sunday.

This effectively makes the Apple Music Replay playlist a ever-changing playlist of your yearly favourites. You can also share these playlists with friends, or share your favourite tracks on social media.

To use Apple Music Replay, head over to, and click on “Get Your Replay Mix”. The service even includes years prior to 2019, so long as you were subscribed to Apple Music at that time. You can also access the service from the Apple Music app.