4 ways to increase your work efficiency with Huawei’s Smart Life devices

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In today’s world, efficiency is a word often thrown about when it comes to improving one’s productivity—for professionals and students alike. But how can one improve their work efficiency to begin with? It starts with each individual, of course. And that can only be further aided by the technology of smart devices, all designed to help the everyday user to streamline their work processes.

Huawei’s Smart Life devices make up an ecosystem for all scenarios, which aims to improve productivity by allowing for a seamless work experience through their range of devices—laptops, smartphones, headsets, and even smartwatches.

Here are 4 ways to improve your work efficiency with Huawei’s Smart Life devices:

1. Make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection

Most, if not all of us, rely heavily on the internet to stay connected and to get our work done. Whether we’re talking about cloud services, staying connected to various workstations, or for communication needs, the internet is essential to a productive workflow.

To address this, Huawei says that their Q2 Pro Wi-Fi solution covers every nook and cranny of a work area, using a combination of dual-band technology, seamless roaming, and automatic channel optimisation.

With the demands of the modern professional heavily centred on data-heavy processes and the like, it’s increasingly important to ensure that your network is stable, fast, and covers the entire work area. In addition to that, the Q2 Pro’s automatic network port identification technology means that users won’t have to worry about WAN or LAN ports.

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2. Use “One Tap to Share” transfer for instantaneous data transfers—working effectively is key

In the past, we’ve relied on data cables or even emails to transfer files from one device to another. This can take quite some time, and can also be a pretty tedious process. With the Huawei MateBook 13, you can instantly connect your Mate 30 Pro and MateBook 13 using NFC technology, and transfer files or data between the laptop and the smartphone—which Huawei says is practically instant.

So how do you work effectively? Some people multi-task better, while others tend to keep their attention solely on one point of focus to achieve the best results. With the full range of Huawei’s Smart Devices, you have a plethora of devices to keep track of.

Despite that, you can keep your focus on a singular device, whilst utilising the versatility and power of multiple devices. Multi-screen collaboration between the Huawei Mate 30 series and the MateBook 13 will allow for you to freely use both devices on a single screen.

You can drag and drop pictures, documents, videos, and other files with just one touch—one touch sharing allows for resource sharing over multiple devices and the improvement of workflow efficiency. All while keeping your focus on one device—the MateBook 13.

In addition to that, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro smartphones are the first Huawei devices to offer multi-screen collaboration which allows you to mirror your smartphone on your MateBook 13. This means that you can drag and drop files for transfers, while you can also control your smartphone through your laptop.

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This intuitive interaction between the Huawei devices ultimately leads to tasks being completed faster—and of course, speed is critical to an efficient workflow.

3. Clear and quick communication

In the digital age, communication is still key. And to support that, Huawei’s new FreeBuds 3 are designed to adapt to the noise level of the environment that you’re in—this allows for balanced audio in real-time, using dual-channel synchronous transmission technology.

According to Huawei, these are the first open-fit truly wireless earbuds that can support call noise reduction as well as accurate real-time active noise cancellation, which makes them ideal for the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

And whilst wearing the FreeBuds 3, you also have speech recognition to access Huawei’s Smart Assistant app for an easy, hands-free approach. Huawei’s latest earbuds also come with Active Noise Cancellation, which are perfect for those calls in noisy environments, while those of you who need a quiet, focused environment for certain tasks can utilise the feature to improve productivity.

4. Work hard, but keep an eye on your energy and health

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Regardless, it’s always important to monitor your health and energy levels. The Huawei MateBook 13’s Eye Comfort Mode helps to protect your retinas and avoid eyestrain by adjusting the white balance and colour tone of the display.

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And keeping the Watch GT 2 on your wrist at all times has more benefits than just the multitude of snazzy watch faces. You get notifications to remind you to stand up and to keep active, which we all need—most of us sit in the same position for hours on end when we’re focused on work, after all.

The smartwatch, which has up to 14 days of battery life, also helps to monitor stress levels and can guide users through a breathing exercise to calm down, and you can also track your sleep patterns and blood pressure to better understand your body, as well as your health.

Plus, you can make calls directly on the watch thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker, and there is 4GB of onboard storage for you to store your music in—all on your wrist.


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