Days since MCO

MCO started on Mar 18, 2020


Days till RMCO lifted

RMCO expected to lift on Aug 31, 2020


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ICYMI #206: YouTube Premium, YouTube Music in Malaysia, Xiaomi Watch & more!

YouTube Premium and YouTube music is finally here!!! So that means you can say bye bye to all ads plus you get the leverage of playing music and videos in the background. Learn more on today’s episode of ICYMI.

YouTube Premium in Malaysia

Ads on YouTube can be annoying sometimes, especially when we are watching an interesting video. But everything is about to change because You Tube Premium is finally available in Malaysia. For more information, click here.

YouTube Music in Malaysia

But if music is your thing, Google has finally introduced its music streaming service in Malaysia with and it is the YouTube Music

Xiaomi Watch

Xiaomi has also introduced their Xiaomi Watch, which looks exactly like the Apple Watch series. Details here.

Alipay eWallet is finally available for foreigners visiting China

For the first time, Alipay is now providing cashless payment access for tourists visiting China. Thanks to their new Tour Pass, it allows foreigners to make payments with their smartphones like the locals.