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The Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition has the highest score on DxOMark

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro now has to share the top spot on DxOMark with Xiaomi’s latest smartphone. The photography-centric Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition was given a high overall DxOMark Mobile score of 121 points which is the highest at the moment.

This marks a huge improvement for Xiaomi in the imaging department since its entry on DxOMark in 2018. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S was the 3rd highest rated smartphone at the time of launch with a score of 97 points. Early this year, the Xiaomi Mi 9 had the 2nd highest score with 107 points.

If you break it down, the CC9 Pro had gotten 130 points for the photo category, which is two points behind the Mate 30 Pro. For video, the device was given 102 points and it is currently the highest ever, beating the Pixel 4 and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G by a single point.

According to DxOMark, the CC9 Pro Premium Edition is one of the very best smartphones they have tested for both still and video. This is also the first device to feature two telephoto cameras — a short telephoto 12.19MP camera with 2x zoom for portrait shots and a long telephoto shooter that does 10X hybrid zoom.

Because of its multi-telephoto camera setup, the image resolution varies significantly depending on the zoom level. On a standard focal length, it shoots at 27MP. 2x zoom images are saved at 12.19MP while at 4x zoom, it goes down to 8MP. Meanwhile, ultra-wide-angle cameras are shot at 20.11MP.

You can read the full DxoMark review here.

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