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This is how Samsung would make a foldable “RAZR” smartphone

Samsung is pushing hard for new possibilities with a foldable display. At a developer conference that’s taking place at the moment, Samsung has shown a new foldable device that uses a clamshell format. When it’s open, it looks like a taller Galaxy device but you can fold it in half for compact storage.

This looks like Samsung’s take on the RAZR if it was given the job to do so. From the video, the foldable screen even comes with a punch-hole in the top centre which is used for a camera for selfies or video calls.

In addition, the user interface can also change according to its form factor. When it’s folded halfway, it will automatically resize to adapt to your usage.

What’s interesting is that when it’s folded flat, there’s no visible “thigh gap” that you’ll find on the Galaxy Fold. It shuts pretty flat but then again, this is just a software render. At the moment this is just a concept but it is possible that this would be its next Galaxy Fold device.

If you still fancy clamshell devices, the Motorola RAZR is expected to make a comeback as a smartphone with a foldable screen. After years of anticipation, the reborn device will be unveiled on the 13th of November 2019.

A year ago, Samsung had showcased its first foldable smartphone concept at the same developer conference. A few months later, the Galaxy Fold was unveiled with the same inner folding screen approach that comes with a smaller screen on the cover. After months of delay, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was finally released and it is currently sold in Malaysia for RM8,388.

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Alexander Wong