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Sewadeecar is Malaysia’s very own “Airbnb” for cars

If you’re looking for a car to rent, there’s a new alternative platform called Sewadeecar. This allows you to rent vehicles not just from rental companies but from individuals as well. Despite its Thai-sounding name, the site is actually Malaysian-based and private car owners can also make extra money by renting out their vehicles when it is not in use.

At the moment, there are 287 vehicles on the site with 230 vehicles from companies and 57 from private owners. Interestingly, some vehicles are offered with discounts of 5-10% for students, and there are also vehicles that you can use for Grab.

The site is essentially a car rental marketplace that offers a variety of vehicles ranging from Perodua Axia to Toyota Vellfire. The listing covers multiple locations including Sabah and Sarawak. At a glance, you can view the daily rates as well as long term weekly and monthly options.

Unlike the actual Airbnb portal, the Sewadeecar platform doesn’t handle booking and payments. You will have to deal directly to the individual or company that’s providing the vehicle. This could be an issue if there are any disputes especially when it comes to payment.

Since the site works as a classified listing, you can’t tell when the car is available for rent. The platform is accessible only through its website since it doesn’t offer any iOS or Android app.

I think the biggest challenge is gaining trust. Without a review or rating system, it will be hard to determine if a potential renter or car owner is legit. If you need to rent a car immediately, getting a Socar or GoCar would be a better option provided that you’re near a pickup zone.

For more info, you can check out Sewadeecar’s website.

Alexander Wong