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Tony Fernandes offers to be adviser to digital business card app, OnOn

If you’ve fumbled around for your business cards at meetings, or forgotten to bring them altogether, a new app aimed at digitising the entire process is now available. OnOn, a digital business card app, has just been launched, with Tony Fernandes giving a speech at the event.

Essentially, the app is targeted at professionals and entrepreneurs, and takes the entire process of exchanging business cards into the virtual space. This, according to founder, Sanny Chin, is a more environmentally-friendly route and also saves a great deal in costs.

“[Imagine having to] print three boxes every month, and imagine that times 4,000 other [property] agents. So this app can save them a lot of money and costs in printing, and we can save a lot of paper by going green and doing what we can to save the environment.”

AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes, was mid-way through his speech at the launch when he offered to be an adviser to OnOn Tech, citing the impressiveness of the product.

“But its almost like a greeting that you give your business card, my business card has nothing, no title, no email, just my Twitter and Instagram, but we still give it out. So I think I would be happy to be an adviser because I would love to use this product, I would love to promote this product, if you want me.”

In reply, Chin told Malay Mail that Fernandes would now become the chief adviser among his three advisers, with a collaboration between OnOn and AirAsia also on the cards—the app is set to be the official name card for AirAsia staff.

In addition to that, OnOn also doubles up as a portal for interaction between its users, with the idea for photos and videos of products to be uploaded, and subsequently discussed on the app. Updates for the stock exchange are also included in the app, while news from Malay Mail is listed on the newsfeed.

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OnOn has been available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store since August, and has around 500 registered users at the time of the launch. While the idea is certainly an interesting and potentially disruptive solution, much of the success of OnOn seems to rest on the growth of the app’s user base.