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These are the top-3 things people leave behind in a SOCAR

When it comes to car-sharing service like Socar, members are urged to maintain a clean vehicle for the comfort of the next user. It isn’t a pleasant experience to pick up a dirty car with rubbish left behind by the previous user.

At a recent media event, Socar has shared the top three things left by members in their cars. Nope, it isn’t tissue papers, charging cables or Touch ‘n Go cards. It’s so weird that you probably can’t even believe that it’s true.

Sitting on top of the list is strawberries. The first thing that comes to your mind is probably Cameron Highlands, but you could also get strawberries at Genting Highlands which is a top three destination for Socar members. It’s odd that people would leave strawberries in the car and this is the most left-behind item. If there’s no intention to eat them, why buy them in the first place?

Taking second place is Kuih Raya. Again, who leaves food in the car? Perhaps its someone who rents a Socar to do deliveries or maybe some members are trying to share Raya cookies for other users? We would never know, but seriously, don’t leave perishables in the car. It could go bad quickly especially if the car is parked under the sun.

The third most left-behind item is undergarments. According to Socar, this is a combination of both new and (mostly) used garments. Obviously, renting a Socar by the hour is cheaper than getting a hotel room but such “activities” can be a risky affair and is strongly discouraged.

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Thankfully, I’ve not encountered any of these top three items in my past bookings. I’ve got leftover rubbish, plastic bags full of clothing, and the most annoying item was a motorcycle helmet that’s rolling around in the boot.

At the moment Socar has 500,000 registered members in Malaysia and they currently cover three locations namely the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru. According to Socar, 395 members have received speed trap summons during their bookings and the fine is then charged to the responsible driver. Looking at the customer base, that’s 0.079% which is not too bad.

Have you gotten any weird items in your past Socar bookings? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alexander Wong