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Redmi K20 Pro’s camera is just as good as the Pixel 3 according to DxOMark

The Redmi K20 Pro (aka Chinese version of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) has just passed DxOMark Mobile’s camera evaluation. The affordable flagship smartphone that’s powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor has gotten a respectable score of 102 points, which is similar to the Google Pixel 3.

Under the new testing protocols, the triple-camera Redmi K20 Pro has gotten 108 points for photos and 89 for videos. To recap, the K20 Pro features a 48MP f/1.75 main camera using Sony’s IMX586 sensor, a 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera and an 8MP telephoto camera that’s capable of 2x optical zoom.

Although the device isn’t among the top ten, DxOMark found the K20 Pro to be a solid performer across all test categories without any glaring weaknesses. They remarked that the device is capable of producing images with good exposure and good texture/noise balance but its limited dynamic range and visible colour casts has slightly affected its overall performance.

In challenging high-contrast scenes, the K20 Pro seems to struggle behind its competitors including its own Xiaomi Mi 9 which also uses the same 48MP main sensor. They also noticed some instability issues when autofocusing in indoor conditions. In the zoom department, they found the performance to be average as it uses a smaller and lower-resolution sensor than the Mi 9. As a result, it captures less detail in 2x zoom.

In ultra-wide-angle mode, it produces good colours and exposure but images tend to be undersaturated or show a lack of dynamic range. They also noted distortion and stronger deformation around the edges of the frame compared to other devices in their comparison.

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For videos, the K20 Pro the device is said to be on par with slightly older flagships. However, there are dynamic range issues and the white balance instabilities in indoor conditions. Although it has good noise reduction, they noted that the K20 Pro is lacking detail for video with almost all fine textures lost across all light levels.

In their conclusion, they said that the Redmi K20 Pro produces respectable results for a phone that costs less than half the price of many flagships. The telephoto and ultra-wide-angle camera are decent but there is still room for improvement.

You can read their full review here and below is their current ranking. The devices marked with an asterisk are based on the old testing protocols without ultra-wide-angle and night mode.


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