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Anthony Loke: No need for e-hailing drivers to go to JPJ, or have physical eVPs

Earlier today, the Malaysian E-Hailing Drivers Association (MeHDA) were reportedly up in arms over what they construed to be a sudden u-turn by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) over e-hailing regulations.

Set to be enforced from the 12th of October, the main concerns were the requirements for e-hailing drivers to convert their vehicle categories to e-hailing private vehicle (AH), and the requirement for drivers to have a physical copy of their e-hailing vehicle permit (eVP).

However, Transport Minister Anthony Loke has clarified that there hasn’t been a u-turn of any kind with regards to these requirements. This comes after the Minister earlier said that e-hailing drivers would not be required to convert their vehicle category.

“In May, I announced that e-hailing drivers would not be required to change their car licence into a commercial licence. That remains unchanged. We have also announced that the regulated e-hailing industry will be enforced on Oct 12, that too will proceed as planned.”

In a press conference held earlier today, Loke explained that while enforcement of e-hailing regulations begins on the 12th of October, the process will happen in stages.

In addition to that, the AH category change will only be reflected in JPJ’s MySIKAP system, as opposed to vehicle grants. This would likely allay fears from e-hailing drivers over concerns regarding vehicle resale values.

“So there is no need for drivers or car owners to go to JPJ to make any changes, because the e-hailing vehicle permit information stored by the Land Public Transport Agency will automatically convert the code to AH in MySIKAP.”

In addition, drivers are not required to print out their eVP slips:

“Printing it out is only for reference purposes. Their eVP number is already in the MySIKAP system. Drivers need not worry if they do not have the print-outs with them during the enforcement period.”


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