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Foodpanda maintains new payment scheme, insists riders can earn more

Foodpanda has recently introduced a new payment scheme for riders outside the Klang Valley. With the new revision, riders will be paid higher for each order received, however, they won’t be paid an hourly fee which was previously set at RM4/hour.

Unfortunately, this didn’t go down well with a number of riders and they had staged a protest earlier this month. Despite claims that the new rates will reduce their take-home pay, Foodpanda insists that riders will earn more and they urge its riders to have faith in the new scheme which will benefit those that are hard-working.

According to Sayantan Das, the managing director for Foodpanda, riders will be able to earn as much as 50% more according to the data they have collected since its implementation on 30th September. Previously, riders earn RM4/hour plus additional earnings that range between RM3 to RM5 per order.

Under the new scheme, riders will be paid RM7 per order and they will receive an incentive of RM150 if they have done 40 hours a week. In addition, they will also get RM1 extra for orders received between 11pm to 9am.

Commenting on the strikes, the managing director says the protestors comprised of a small group of riders and based on their studies, it is less than 1% of their fleet. He added that in terms of effect to their business, it is negligible.

According to Malaysiakini’s report, Sayantan Das said delivery riders that don’t want to work should swap their swifts with other riders who do, so not to affect the latter’s income. Foodpanda has also denied the allegation that they have terminated IDs of those who went on strike. He insists that Foodpanda did not terminate any IDs or threaten the riders.

In the report, Sayantan said, “Our message is that if you don’t want to work, we’re okay because going on strike is not against the law.”

Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq has expressed his disappointment on the response made by Foodpanda. He commented that as a corporation, they are supported by the employees and consumers, and they too can be brought down by the same people.

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