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U.S. federal judge: Americans aren’t bothered over iPhone notch

If anything, the demise of the much-maligned display notch on smartphones has been overstated. While many smartphone manufacturers have gravitated towards alternative options such as pop-up selfie cameras, or punch-hole cameras like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, companies like Apple and Huawei have loyally stuck with the notch on their latest flagships.

But here’s a strange bit of news. There’s currently an ongoing lawsuit that accuses Apple of misleading customers with the pixel count for the iPhone XS and XS Max for its advertised screen size.

However, Apple has argued that they’ve disclaimed how the screen size is calculated on packaging, although the plaintiffs in the case have been trying to make this a class-action lawsuit. This would mean multiple plaintiffs throughout the U.S., which would certainly be a costly expense for Apple to bear if they lost the case.

However, a Federal judge has reportedly remarked that it doesn’t seem to be that big of an issue:

“There doesn’t really seem to be anyone in America who seems to be concerned about it”

It seems to be a fairly frivolous lawsuit, and it’s worth noting that Apple isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer to feature a notch. Screen-size is usually measured diagonally from corner-to-corner, and the notch has certainly been around for awhile.

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