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Intel’s new Xeon W and X-series processors are coming in November; pricing revealed

Intel has announced that their latest Intel Core X-series processors are coming this November, along with the newest generation of the Xeon W-2200. Both have new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, with Intel’s Deep Learning Boost enabling AI acceleration for both series of processors.

Targeted towards professional creators and PC enthusiasts, Intel says that their latest processors are the first high-end desktop PC (HEDT) and mainstream workstations to feature this AI acceleration. This translates to a 2.2 boost in AI inference boost as compared to previous generations, which is complemented by the updated Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.

Intel says that the Intel Xeon W-2200 platform is the “Ultimate Professional Creator Platform”. The 8 new processors: W-2295, W-2275, W-2265, W-2255, W-2245, W-2235, W-2224, W-2223, will be able to be used in multiple form factors, including small desktops and towers. The new series of processors will also include built in security features such as ECC support and Intel vPro. Compared to the previous generation, Intel says that 3D rendering processes will be accelerated by up to 10%, and up to 3x as fast compared to a 3-year old workstation.

The Intel Core X-series processors, on the other hand, are meant for users who may not need “commercial-grade” features. Four new processors in the range, the i9-10980XE, i9-10940X, i9-10920X, and i9-10900X, according to Intel, are specifically suited for video editing, game development, and 3D animation.

Intel is also revising pricing for its current 9th Generation desktop processors with integrated graphics, the S-series processors. Official pricing for all 3 series are as follows:

The new pricing for Intel’s 9th Gen Intel Core processors are effective today, while the X-series and Xeon W-2200 processors will be available in November 2019.