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The GoPro Max will be available in Malaysia soon for RM2,310

Alongside the GoPro Hero 8 Black, the GoPro’s 360-degree camera, the GoPro Max, has been announced for the Malaysian market. GoPro says that their new dual lens camera is focused on versatility, with 3 main modes you can use the Max in: as a standard action camera, a 360 camera, and as a vlogging cam that will utilise its shotgun mic and front-facing display.

Essentially, the Max has much of the same internals as the Hero 8 Black, and builds on the company’s previous 360-degree camera, the GoPro Fusion. 360 cameras haven’t really caught on in the mainstream market, but GoPro is trying to buck the trend with their latest offering.

The Max has a built-in selfie screen, six microphones, as well as “Max HyperSmooth”, which GoPro says has even better stabilisation than Hero 8 Black’s HyperSmooth 2.0. Despite the fact that the GoPro Max can shoot 5.6K 360-degree video at 30 fps, resolution is capped at 1440p and frame rate at 60 fps if you’re shooting using just one of the 2 lenses—a la a standard GoPro Hero.

On a good note, you won’t need separate desktop software for keyframe editing of 360 footage, with GoPro’s mobile app allowing for reframing of Max footage. It’s also waterproof, and retains many of the features that the flagship Hero 8 Black has.

The GoPro Max has four digital lenses in total, which includes the new ultra-wide Max SuperView—which GoPro says is their widest field of view ever. If you’re interested to pick one up, the GoPro Max will be available at authorised retailers from the 24th of October onwards, at a price of RM2,310.

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