The cheapest iPhone 11 is just as durable as the RM6,899 iPhone 11 Pro Max

Before we proceed, here’s a quick disclaimer. If you’re the type of person that lovingly caresses your smartphone, careful to avoid even the slightest of blemishes, the following content may be a tad traumatic for you to digest. Zeck Nelson, better known online as JerryRigEverything, is known for his teardown videos on YouTube that test the durability of mobile devices—and the content also makes for some entertaining viewing, too.

In a new video, Nelson has put Apple’s latest iPhone 11 to the test—prices for the most affordable of the new iPhone 11 series start at RM3,399—and the results may surprise some. Compared to the top-end iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is priced at up to RM6,899 for the 512GB variant, the glass on the iPhone 11 scratches at the same level on Mohs scale as its more expensive sibling. However, the aluminium band around the edge of the iPhone 11 does scratch a lot easier that the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s steel sides.

On the bend test, meanwhile, the iPhone 11 more than holds its own. It seemingly doesn’t bend at all, despite severe pressure from Nelson—just like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. That’s despite the “cheaper” aluminium frame of the iPhone 11, with the iPhone 11 surprisingly making for a rather rugged device. Interestingly, when the scratch test was applied to the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the frosted matte surface actually damaged the offending razor blade.

Overall, it seems that the 64GB iPhone 11, which is RM1,900 cheaper than the iPhone 11 Pro Max with the same storage, seems to be just as well-built—for the most part, in any case.

The official pricing for the iPhone 11 series is as follows:

iPhone 11
64GB – RM3,399
128GB – RM3,599
256GB – RM4,099

iPhone 11 Pro
64GB – RM4,899
256GB – RM5,599
512GB – RM6,499

iPhone 11 Pro Max
64GB – RM5,299
256GB – RM5,999
512GB – RM6,899

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