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Unifi Air devices out of stock due to overwhelming demand

TM’s Unifi Air appears to have gotten tremendous response after it was made available to non-Streamyx customers. The broadband provider has announced that Unifi Air devices, which is likely referring to the Huawei wireless router, is currently out of stock.

For those who are still interested to sign up, TM says a new batch of devices are expected to arrive next week. New customers at Peninsular Malaysia can expect to get it as early as this coming Monday, while those in Sabah and Sarawak should be able to get it by Tuesday.

Unifi Air is officially priced at RM129/month but it is now offered for RM79/month as a Hari Malaysia promo offer. The plan comes with unlimited quota and it claims to offer average speeds of 20Mbps. The service was introduced as an alternative high speed unlimited quota option for existing Streamyx customers that can’t upgrade to fibre. However, their coverage areas are quite limited as Unifi Air operates on a 2.3GHz TDD-LTE network. The Huawei wireless router is offered for free but you’ll need to sign up with a 24-months contract.


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