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Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 could handle your calls-on-hold for you

The Google Pixel 4 series is slated to be launched sometime in October 2019, and there has already been a slew of rumours that point towards significant upgrades to Google’s flagship series of smartphones. These include a possible triple-camera setup at the rear, while the Pixel 4 could also be coming with 3 cameras at the front of the device, along with motion-sensing radar.

And now, another leak has revealed that there could be an interesting update to Google Assistant on the Pixel 4. According to this report, Google Assistant on the new Pixel will actually be able to handle calls that are on hold for users—thereafter alerting you when hold-period on the call is over.

For example, say you’re on a call (usually to a business number). You’re put on hold, and the elevator music starts to play. Google Assistant will reportedly allow you to tap a button on the Pixel 4’s display, and you can then move away from the phone to pass the time some other way. When it’s time to return to the phone, Google Assistant will then alert you.

How it will alert you, and how the feature will work in general, is unclear as of now. In fact, the feature is unlikely to be available when the Pixel 4 smartphones are launched, with the GA functionality likely to arrive via an update later on.

This is all part of Google’s continued effort to make daily routines easier via its Google Assistant, but it is likely that this new feature will be confined to Pixel 4 smartphones when it’s first made available, before moving on to older Pixel smartphones, and hopefully, other Android smartphones.

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