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This secret message to fans was hidden in Apple’s YouTube video

The iPhone 11 event has only just been concluded, and Apple has summarised the entire event into a concise 2-minute YouTube video for those of you that missed the livestream. Of course, for a more detailed breakdown, you can catch up on all the news on—just hit the tag above.

But a user on Reddit has noticed that there is a secret message hidden away in the video, an easter eggs of sorts for hardcore Apple fans. If you pause the video somewhere around the 1:23 mark, you’ll notice something that looks like the “blue screen of death” that Windows PC users have been familiar with for some time now. In fact, I had to set the video’s playback speed to 0.25x to be able to catch it:

Basically, the “Error 09102019” (10th of September 2019, the date of the event), has a message hidden in binary—right below a message that reads: “This is just a thought. But it might be nice to have some sort of easter egg message in here for the hard core Apple fans that will stop the video.”

Pop the code into a binary-to-ascii converter, and the following message is translated:

“So you took the time to translate this? We love you.”