Michael Kors’ new Wear OS smartwatches look pretty darn sleek

Michael Kors isn’t a brand that is normally associated with smartwatches, per se, but they’ve just announced 3 new models that look pretty darn good—the new wearables also sport Google’s Wear OS, and all that comes with it. The Access Lexington 2, Access Bradshaw 2, and the Access MKGO are Michael Kors’ new smartwatches; all 3 are powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 3100 processors.

The Access Lexington 2 and the Access Bradshaw 2 come with the ability to make/receive calls, which is a first for one of Michael Kors’ smartwatches. But the Access MKGO, which is a brand new line from the brand, is pretty interesting. It’s a fitness-focused, light-weight, and swim-proof (3ATM) smartwatch, and it has a 350mAh battery that promises (according to the brand) 36 hours of usage time.

The watch also has NFC, while there is 4GB of onboard storage so that you can download and store music in the watch itself. This means, of course, that you won’t have to bring your smartphone along for a run just to listen to music—all in line with the MKGO’s fitness-centric emphasis. Slightly disappointingly, the MKGO only comes with 512MB of RAM, while the 1.19-inch display isn’t utilising an OLED panel.

As for the Access Lexington 2 and Bradshaw 2, both are 44mm in size, while they both sport 1.28-inch OLED displays. They come with double the RAM that the MKGO comes with (1GB), as well as 8GB of onboard storage. It’s the same SoC under the hood, along with NFC, GPS, and the same water resistance at 3ATM. However, a big plus point is the built-in speaker and microphone, which will allow for users to make and receive calls. Strangely enough, the Lexington 2 and Bradshaw 2 come with 310mAh battery sizes, which is slightly smaller than the MKGO.

The Access Lexington 2 and the Access Bradshaw 2 retail for a starting price of RM1,749, while the Access MKGO is priced at RM1,499. To find out more, head over to Michael Kors’ site here.

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