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If Samsung was a Galaxy, then the Note10 sits right at the centre

This post is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has, over the years, proved to be a popular choice with power-users everywhere. From large displays to powerful processors, and even the iconic S-Pen that has characterised Note releases every year, Samsung’s flagship Note smartphones have always garnered a large fanbase. To build on that, Samsung has progressively developed an ecosystem for users, one that takes into aspect the fast-paced, and often diverse, lifestyle that many power-users have—and at the centre of it all, sits the Galaxy Note10.

So if you’ve got yourself a Galaxy Note10, or you’re thinking of one, let’s talk about what the Galaxy ecosystem really brings for each and every user.

An ecosystem of powerful devices

When we talk about the Galaxy ecosystem, it’s not just confined to the Note10 or the Note10+. Samsung has an array of products that are all designed to seamlessly work together, including smartwatches, tablets, headphones, and of course, smartphones. Take the Galaxy Buds, for example. Take them out of the case near a Galaxy Note10 smartphone, and your smartphone automatically detects the earbuds, and asks if you’d like to connect to the new device.

You can then use the Galaxy Wearable app to manage settings, including the underrated ability that lets you adjust the EQ settings of your Galaxy Buds. But the mutualistic relationship between the Note10 and the Galaxy Buds extends to hardware, too. You can also use the Wireless PowerShare to charge the Buds using your Note10, and you can also use this feature to charge the Galaxy smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch, and the Galaxy Watch Active2.

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Speaking of the Galaxy Watch Active2, Samsung has also integrated a pretty handy new feature: the Watch Camera Controller. This will allow a paired smartwatch to to take pictures, shoot videos, and even preview footage with the Galaxy Note10’s camera. Pretty cool stuff, honestly. And for those of you that are concerned with the aesthetic element of your watchface, My Style is another new feature Samsung has integrated—this will allow users to customise a watch face to colour-match their outfit of the day, using a photo.

Not forgetting Samsung Pay, which is a tidy feature that uses the watch’s NFC to make payments on contactless terminals. In fact, Samsung has recently added support for Maybank’s Mastercard credit/debit cards, which adds to the already long list of cards supported on Samsung Pay.

Of course, Samsung has also launched the Galaxy Tab S6, the flagship tablet that promises a whole new experience for those of you that want to work on-the-go. Coupled with Samsung DeX, as well as an attachable keyboard that actually has a trackpad, the Snapdragon 855-powered tablet promises to be a genuinely viable alternative to carrying your laptop around.

Samsung DeX

Speaking of Samsung DeX, Samsung has now added the ability to connect your Galaxy Note10 directly to a Windows PC or Mac with the Samsung DeX for PC app. You can also opt to connect your Note10 to a monitor for the more conventional DeX experience, along with a Bluetooth-connected mouse and keyboard.

But the new PC compatibility adds a very important feature: drag-and-drop. You can still use your smartphone to make calls, reply to texts, and other phone-related tasks, but the new functionality essentially means that your Note10 smartphone is now more integrated than ever into your daily workflow.

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Link to Windows, Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft, and PC gaming

At the launch of the Galaxy Note10, Microsoft and Samsung announced a partnership that sees Galaxy Note10 smartphones having integrated access to the Microsoft ecosystem. Perhaps the most interesting feature to come out of this partnership is the Link to Windows button that’s found in the pull-down Quick Panel menu.

Basically, this will allow users to mirror their Galaxy Note10’s screen to a Windows 10 computer, with functionality including replying and receiving messages, notifications, as well as photos. To set it up, head over to Settings > Advanced features, log in with your Microsoft account ,and the Galaxy Note10 automatically connects to your Windows PC.

A powerhouse device, within a powerhouse ecosystem

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is, essentially, a powerhouse device—whatever your demands are. But Samsung hasn’t forgotten the importance of the ecosystem that the device sits within, and the ecosystem is now more seamless than ever. You don’t have to own every Galaxy device to know that they all work better in-tandem, but Samsung also promises more advantages with devices across the Galaxy ecosystem—including Samsung Knox to safeguard your devices and Samsung Health for your fitness needs.

Essentially, an ecosystem that handles practically everything. You can pick one up through authorised resellers or Samsung Online Stores, with the Malaysian pricing as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB – RM3,699
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB – RM4,199
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 512GB – RM4,799

For more information, head over to Samsung’s official site here.