AirAsia Traveller SIM lets you roam in 15 countries for RM30

If you’re travelling overseas and don’t want to pay for expensive daily roaming rates, AirAsia has a Traveller SIM pack that provides roaming data for as low as RM30 for 7 days. Unlike typical roaming plans, these SIM packs allow you to roam across multiple countries for a single price, which is practical if you’re doing a multi-country trip.

The Traveller SIM which is powered by Tune Talk is offered in two options and both come with 4GB of high-speed data that’s valid for 7 days. The difference is the range of countries that are covered by the pack.

For the Red Pack that costs RM30, it covers 15 countries which include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, New Zealand, Macau, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Saudi Arabia.

For the Black Pack that costs RM60, it only covers 7 countries namely China, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, India, South Korea and Laos. Below is the list of telco partners for each roaming country:

Do note that these are data-only SIMs, so you can’t make calls or SMS. This is somewhat similar to redONE’s Travel Data SIM. If you need more data, you’re allowed to purchase more via the Tune Talk app and they accept FPX, Credit and Debit card payments. You can also extend the validity by resubscribing to the plan via the Tune Talk app.

According to the FAQ, the network will automatically connect to the supported roaming partner. You are also required to configure your APN to “tunetalk” under your phone’s network settings and enable “Data Roaming” to start using. You may purchase up to 5 SIMs per NRIC or passport.

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The AirAsia Traveller SIM packs are currently sold at KLIA2, Senai Airport, Penang International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport. For more info and store location, you can check out Tune Talk’s product page.

[ UPDATE 17:30 6/09/2019]: According to Tune Talk, the AirAsia Traveller SIM packs are only available at KLIA2. Senai, Penang and KK Airport outlets are only for collection from Klook and online orders.

At the moment, you can’t order the SIM from Tune Talk’s website but if you’re interested, Klook is offering the Red Pack and Black Pack online with a RM2 discount. From the customer reviews on Klook, it appears that the Traveller SIM packs are available for several months now.

Alexander Wong