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Tip: Here’s how to turn off the pop-up camera LED on the Mi 9T Pro

The Mi 9T Pro has just been officially launched in Malaysia, and is currently available at a RRP of RM 1,799 for the variant with 128GB of storage and RM1,599 for the 64GB storage variant. Xiaomi’s latest flagship isn’t technically a new smartphone, with the Mi 9T Pro a rebranded Redmi K20 Pro, while the Mi 9T is basically a Redmi K20.

Both devices sport almost identical specs, with the Pro version sporting an Sony IMX586 sensor as opposed to the Mi 9T’s IMX582—from what we can tell, the only difference here is that the IMX586 sensor allows users to shoot 4K videos in 60fps as opposed to 30fps on the IMX 582.

But a similar feature on both smartphones is the pop-up selfie camera, along with a blue LED (for Carbon Black/Glacier Blue versions) or a red LED (Red Flame) that lights up when the camera is activated, accompanied by a sound effect.

Certain users enjoy it, while others (like this writer) prefer for their selfie cameras to be a little less inconspicuous. But it turns out that there is a way to turn off both the LED as well as the sound effect of the pop-up camera. Head over to System & device>Additional settings>Front camera effects, and you have the option to toggle off the visual effect (the LED), and the sound effect. You can also customise the sound effect from a selection of 6 different sounds, although again, I prefer to have mine set on silent.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be an option to change the colour of the LED, which would be a pretty nice touch. Do let us know in the comments if you enjoy the LED lighting up as you turn on the selfie camera, or if you prefer yours to be silent and unassuming (as much as a pop-up selfie camera can be, of course).

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